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PR PHOTO has been producing images of beautiful men since 1995. We strive to photograph the most alluring men in the U.S.

Tyler K

Male model Tyler

Jarrod Carter Photography

Australian Photographer based on the Gold Coast

Ronaldo Mercado

Dubai-based male fashion, physique and fitness photographer

Alex Scott

Alex Scott is a 22 year old fitness model from central Florida. Alex is a college student at FGCU and was named "Mr.University" of his school. He is also a NASM certified master trainer as well as an NPC men's physique competitor. It is safe to say Alex is completely engulfed in the fitness lifestyle and is definitely making waves for himself in this industry. His instagram following has grown to over 32k followers and shows no signs of slowing down. Keep your eyes peeled for this guy to land some big covers in the future.


male fitness model Jamie


Semi-professional male model from Frankfurt/Germany, available worldwide (travel costs have to be paid) for all kinds of photography/videography... Well experienced in portrait, lifestyle, fashion, commercials and so on. Working on high level now for more than 10 years. Bookings welcome!

Joey Keys

Joey Keys is an up and coming fitness entrepreneur who is really beginning to make some waves in the industry. Joey started as a fitness model, shooting with the most established photographers in the world. Joey then became a personal trainer to accompany his fitness lifestyle. Recently Joey signed with fitness entity "Shredz" supplements, which is a huge deal in the fitness world.

Ali Zafar

Male model Ali Zafar


male model Allen

Peter Stellato

Peter Stellato is a personal Fitness Trainer and part time fitness model. Peter is the Owner of "Alien Army" a brand team that provides "E.nlightened T.raining" to all of his clients. On top of being a succesful fitness entrepreneur, Peter has shot with some of the top fitness photographers in the game today.

Michael H

Michael H. is a native of South Florida, born and raised. He enjoys lifting weights and is working on getting known in the fitness modeling circuit as a physique competitor. Michael breeds dogs and also enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing.


Male model Brett

Armando Adajar

Photographer Armando Adajar


Fitness Model, Go Go Dancer, Dance Performer, Entertainer & Host.

Dave Thomas

Bio: Dave Thomas, 25

Lives in Texas. Breeds and trains horses
Recently came out gay and lives with his lover on a ranch in Texas
His Instagram is: davethomas1212
-He will be featured in the 2017 release of the Michael Downs pictorial coffee table book "All American Masculine", and he's featured in video footage on All American Guys website.



Fabian Von Gelder

Member of MGB Models
Photographers: Richard Broekhuijzen fotografie; Benny Van Ravenhorst fotografie; Salvador Pozo photographer; MGB Netherlands


Spencer Y. is a 22 year old fitness model from Tampa, Fla. He began his fitness journey about 4 years ago but he really saw some big results and hit his stride about a year ago at the age of 21. On top of Fitness Modeling Spencer is also an NPC Men's physique competitor and a Certified Personal Trainer. Spencer is passionate about helping people change their lives through helping them improve their physique and overall well-being. Spencer enjoys being able to show off his ripped physique to the world through fitness modeling and competing. Be sure to look for this guy on stage and in front of the lens in the upcoming months!

Alex C

Alex C. is a 20 year old Fitness enthusiast/ model from the West Coast of Florida. Alex was voted "Mr. Teen Tampa" in 2015 at the age of 19. Alex is completely immersed in the fitness industry and plans on doing big things as a fitness personality and a fitness model in the up coming years. Alex has a real desire to create the best physique possible. His physique continues to improve and change month to month and it just keeps getting better. Alex has a very aesthetic upper body accompanied by strong powerful legs, legs that you do not always see on the average fitness model. Keep an eye out for Alex to do big things within the industry in the next couple of years!


Male model Derek

Robby Barker

Male model Robby Barker.


Sebastian is a 22 year old Canadian fashion/ fitness model making his way onto the modeling scene all the way from Montreal, Canada. Sebastian is currently a college student excelling in the classroom and in front of the lens.You can see more of Sebastian in the "Masculine Mag" section of All American Guys.

Zeidi Aymen
le bardo

My work experience has allowed me to gain experience with a broad spectrum of physical needs and different roles within the fitness environment. My experience has also given me excellent time management and organisational skills. I am outgoing, organised and compassionate, and I am able to motivate people with my energy and enthusiasm. I enjoy the companionship of my clients and colleagues and am confident in my ability to become an outstanding member of your team.

Elliot James

Elliot James is an American fitness athlete/ fitness model. Elliot has multiple fitness sponsors such as Mancakes and Rivalus just to name a few. Elliot is best known for his work with and is somewhat of a "fan-favorite" on the site. Elliot's social media following is growing by the day, as well as his physique! Head over to to see more of Elliot James!


Santiago Arenas

Male model Santiago Arenas

Gastohn Barrios

Photographer Gastohn Barrios

Alex Budin

Photographer specializing in portraits, fashion, dance, fitness. Phoenix AZ/Los Angeles CA.


Male model Alexander

Tyson Dayley

Tyson Dayley is not your average AAG model. Tyson did not gain his online stardom from posing for AAG, instead he created his own "insta-fame". Through instagram and other Social media channels, Tyson has been able to gain a following on instagram of over 100k followers. He started as your typical "frat boy who lifts" and has transformed into a fitness icon and personality. That kind of following on any social media platform is sure to come with a few opportunities. Tyson used his Social media network to move into other ventures, such as modeling. From his online stardom, Tyson has been able to pick up multiple sponsors, and has traveled the world, shooting with the biggest photographers around the globe! On top of being a fitness personality, Tyson is also a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a WBFF Pro bodybuilder. This guy has done amazing things with his life already at such a young age.

Kevin Baines

Kevin Baines is a young up and coming fitness model who is about as green as they come. Kevin's shoot with Michael Downs and the All American Guys project is his first official shoot, and also his first appearance in the industry! Kevin is a 27 year old fitness enthusiast who is working on turning his passion for fitness into a full time modeling career. Kevin is also passionate about health, fitness, wakeboarding, snowboarding, guns and cars.

Vincent Oladipupo

Vincent Oladipupo
model of //

Yassine Sbaa




Luis Filipe Martins Pereira

I'm an IFBB bodybuilder and male model.


male model Dimitar

Brian Carson

Male model Brian Carson

Migle Golubickaite

Photographer Migle Golubickaite


male model Brandon

Joey Sullivan

Joey Sullivan is an American fitness model, physique competitor and sponsored fitness athlete. Joey is a 3X Nationally qualified physique athlete who has made quite a name for himself in the fitness industry. He has shot with the biggest names in the industry including but not limited too Golden Czermak, Luis Rafael and Michael Downs. His social media following just seems to be exploding every time a new photo-shoot is released. Joey is a fan-favorite on AAG, and for good reason.

Ely Zeer

Male model Ely Zeer

Paul Henry Serres

Published Fitness Photographer - Book cover Photographer

Michael Molterer

Model and Weightlifter

Gilberto Vigliotta


Killian Owens

Killian is 5'9, 160 lbs. He is 20 years old and just recently started his fitness modeling career this year. Killians' first professional shoot was behind the lens of Michael Downs at the 2016 Olympia in Vegas, Nevada. Killian was only recently debuted on AAG and is still brand new to the scene.

Mirko Fuhrherr

Photographer Mirko Fuhrherr

Brian Parker

I am a male model from Ohio. I have over 30 publications and I have modeled for underwear companies.

Christopher Daemon

Fitness and Physique Photography

Ken Grimm

Photographer Ken Grimm

Jake Burton

Jake Burton is an up and coming fitness phenom who is currently bursting onto the fitness scene. Jake is a bodybuilder at heart who also enjoys fitness modeling in his spare time. Jake is represented by CR2 Talent from Miami. Jake is also a "GStandard" gym athlete. His career is starting to pick up quickly as he gets more exposure to the industry. He attended the "Mr.Olympia" competition last weekend and did multiple shoots with some of the top photographers in the industry. Be on the look out for Jake to make a big come up in the fitness industry, you will definitely hear his name again !

Stephane Lamarre

male model Stephane Lamarre


Male Model Alejandro

Photographer: Chris Femat

Facebook //

Giacinto Bufano


Favio Hernandez

Model and singer.

Jeff Grant

Male fitness model Jeff Grant.

Ryan Steel

Male model Ryan Steel

Daniel Benjamin

Photographer Daniel Benjamin

Miky Merisi

MIKY MERISI is an italian photographer for fitness models and body builders.

Tanner Wilson

Tanner Wilson is an up and coming fitness phenom from the Mid-West with a long modeling career in front of him. Tanner is a natural physique competitor who is breaking out into the fitness modeling industry. Tanners' physique is crazy aesthetic and he prides himself on being 100% all- natural. He has been training since he was 13 years old and his biggest fitness inspiration is the legend himself, Greg Plitt.

Anthony Logger

Anthony Logger is one of the most well known AAG models and as you probably guessed, an absolute fan favorite. Anthony has been modeling for AAG since he was 18 years of age. His loyal fans have followed him along his journey from boyhood to manhood and his appearance and physique have really improved with age. One could say he "Ages like fine wine". He has been fitness modeling for about 10 years now and has already had great success in his career.

male model Stefan Pinto


Male model Jerome

David Brad

Photographer David Brad


Photography and Videography services in Belgium.

Rob Bryan

Male model Rob Bryan

Aimad Massar

Aimad Massar is a Moroccan male fitness and fashion model.

Corey Dykes

Model, actor, Fitness Coach. Lives in Clearwater Florida